TRX Coin – Is the #1 entertainment industry focused cryptocurrency based on a decentralization digital platform. Learn all Tron TRX Cryptocurrency, plus, how to buy Tron Cryptocurrency! TRX Coin price is rising so why not try investing in TRX Cryptocurrency.

                                                         What is Tron (TRX Coin) and how does Tron work?

Tron (TRX Coin) is a cryptocurrency that focuses on the decentralization of the entertainment industry and especially helps the makers of online content. How Tron works and where you buy Tron (TRX Coin)? We explain that to you in this post.

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                                                                                  What is Tron (TRX)?

TRX Coin (Tron), as mentioned, focuses on the entertainment industry and aims to remove the 'middle man' between content creators and content consumers. They want to do this by generating platforms on which the content creator is actually the owner of the content. This may sound logical, but this is usually not the case now. Think of YouTube, for example, content creators are often not paid out for unclear reasons, which reminds them that YouTube determines what happens to their content.

In addition, a percentage of all earnings must be paid to the owner of the platform or YouTube. Of course, Tron (TRX Coin) not only focuses on video services but also wants to compete with the Apple App store or the Google Play store. On these mobile platforms, Google and Apple make huge profits, while they do not make content themselves, but are therefore in charge. Should Tron (TRX Coin) succeed in realizing its ambitions, the profit that is made with content would flow much more towards its creators.


TRON's currency is Tronix (TRX). There are 100 million of them created, which means that all the coins that will ever appear are already there. This is not the case, for example, with Bitcoin, where it must be mined. The idea behind TRX Coin is that it becomes a universal currency for all kinds of digital entertainment content. Consider, for example, paying a movie, a premium subscription to a social media service or game related content such as FIFA points.

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                                                                      Where can you buy Tron (TRX Coin)?

Tron (TRX Coin) can be purchased on exchanges or trading platforms. The largest and most user-friendly of these exchanges is in our opinion Binance. You can find almost any large cryptocurrency here and you can easily trade in it. The easiest and fastest way to get started on Binance is (illogically) creating an account on Coinbase. At Coinbase you can buy Ether or Litecoin very quickly and easily. You then send them to your Binance account, so that you can trade them for TRX Coins again.

This process is still somewhat cumbersome for the time being since it is not possible to send Euros directly to Binance, but it still works relatively quickly in the described way.

                                                                        Practical information about Tron

                                                           Actual price of Tron (TRX Coin) on coin market

                                                   Tron (TRX Coin) - Decentralized Entertainment Platform

TX Coin - Different content, be it video, games or music, is an integral part of the Internet because in the global network we meet different information needs. But all of this cannot just be chaotic on the World Wide Web and is therefore localized on certain pages that have become real giants today. Can you imagine a video without YouTube or the application market without the App Store? Thanks to their users, these and other projects earn billions of dollars every year.

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And, it seems, it is possible for someone to re-enter this violent niche of content, what can be a new competition here. It turns out that they can do it because neither the App Neither YouTube with Google has a blockade nor any decentralized project can challenge these pages of the past. It is this project in particular that is the throne that provides producers and content users with true anarchy. Casino, news from the film industry, and licensed applications for limited quantities - the Tron TRX platform will provide content authors and their customers with a revolutionary new collaborative model that many have already evaluated. What is not an innovative replacement for torrents? The developers themselves position Tron (TRX Coin) as a "cryptocurrency for entertainment" and you can only agree with them.

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But most importantly, what the world has informed about the throne is not its direct intent, but a crazy growth of the course that cannot go unnoticed. The reason why the TRX Coin is actively growing in its price will be discussed in more detail in the information below, but we cannot deny the fact that TRX Coin developers have played a major role in the fate of the project. It is known that it has developed Tron Chinese team, led by a certain Justin San.

Incidentally, this person is considered in the Middle Kingdom as a very rich and successful businessman and holds some prestigious ratings. It is rumoured that the boss of a large and well-known Alibaba company also has to deal with the ambitious Tron TRX Coin project, but how it actually remains a big mystery.

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Much is known about the Tron TRX Coin developer, but like the cryptocurrency itself, San has developed rumours and myths. From reliable sources, he is known to be the head of the popular Peiwo Company in China, the number of customers reaches 10 million, and prior to developing his own cryptocurrency Justin was one of the members of the ripple team.

In accordance with current fashion trends, the TRX Coin was born by running ICO, which was quite successful - the organizers easily raised $ 70 million hard caps. Investors who invested in the TRX Coin at the time of Crowdsdale earned excellent money Tron has increased in price more than 100 times (if we consider the peak at the moment). Today, the TRX Coin developers are working hard on the project, which is united in the Tron Foundation. This organization is non-profit and officially registered in Singapore - on the legal side; the Tron Foundation operates exclusively in the legal field.

                                                  Is Tron TRX Coin the root of a cryptocurrency or a token?

If you really go into the peculiarities of a TRON (TRX Coin), it's still a token, not a cryptocurrency. As expected, the Tron TRX Cryptocurrency project does not have its own blockade but uses the database of the Etherium, which is very suitable for this type of projects (in fact, Vitalik Buterin has developed their platform for them). At the same time, TRX Coin is not directly a global currency that should actually be a cryptocurrency - it's just an internal means of mutual settlement for the participants of the Tron TRX Cryptocurrency platform.

                                Why the TRX Coin is often referred to as a cryptocurrency rather than a token?

Yes, for the simple reason that in the world of Blockchain technology all is very vague and not special status and the term "cryptocurrency" is often used with different shades of meaning like the term "token". In short, there is a critical flaw in a substitution of concepts, but a note we have to do with the token makes it worth it.

                                                                         Trinse handbag storage purse

Since Tron TRX Cryptocurrency uses the Ethereum Blockchain System and is nothing more than an ERC20 standard token, it can be kept in any purse that supports this type of Ethelium token:

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  • MyEtherWallet - a popular Ethereum wallet that has long established itself with a positive side. It's a hybrid client that stores keys on the client side - this will keep the tokens safe.
  • MetaMask - online option. It installs as a browser add-on and allows you to work quickly and easily on your available tokens or aether.
  • Fog - a big developer wallet, but at the same time a safe option where all of the computer-invented updates first appear.
  • Parity - and in this customer neither coins nor tokens it is better not to save. Although it supports the ERC20 standard, the wallet itself was hopelessly compromised and risked money is not worth it.

                                                            Doe’s TRON TRX Coin offers a Mining Platform?

Do not hurry to dream of a mining firm that will produce for you the fast-growing coins of the TRX Coin. In fact, its creation is impossible, at least for the reason that Tron Mining is not planned. All coins in the amount of 100 billion pieces were minted and issued after completion of the ICO, in the future their products are not provided. During Crowdsdale, the developers sold 40% of the total coins; another 35% were provided for the needs of the project and frozen for two years through a smart contract. 15% of the balance was for private sale and 10% was allocated to the fund of "Beijing Joy Technology".


                                                                         Where can I buy TRON TRX Coin?

With the growing popularity of Tron's cryptocurrency, it began to spread across various exchanges. A long time in the past, when the TRX coin was available on one or two stock exchanges - now it can be found on a large number of trading resources. This is quite logical - many traders want to make money with the positive volatility of the TRX Coin, and the administrations of the stock exchanges will accommodate them and add a promising novelty.

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Today Tron, which in the September 2017 year only entered the market trade, can be found in such popular places:

  • Bina - is traded together with MTC, ETH;
  • Bitfinex - with USD, MTC, ETN;
  • Gatecoin - You can buy and sell in the directions with VTS, ETH;
  • OKEx - paired with VTS, USDT, and ETH;
  • HitBTC - MTC, USDT, ETH;
  • YoBit - paired with VTS, USD.

                                                                            Tron TRX Coin - Token Rate

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the TRX Coin did not arouse universal interest so much for its technological effectiveness as for the active growth of the rate. Many owners of the TRX coin who have been investing for a long time will not even answer what their prospects are and what the project does - the very active growth of the course provokes a belief in even more growth.

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The 13th of September, Tron TRX Cryptocurrency took the first time plunge on the stock market- the price was quoted at $ 0.002. Until December significant activity in the increase or decrease in value is not respected, it may be that of the complete three-month rest period recorded.

But already the 5 January Quiet mode was over and the value of the Tron TRX Coin reached its historic maximum - $ 0.25. Currently, there is a spasmodic dynamics - the rate increases significantly and then falls off again. The reason for this is that the TRX Coin cannot break a new high as the general unfavourable situation in the market is taken into account when a multiplicity of new coin activity began to decline and began a long period of deep correction.


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