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Tron TRX Cryptocurrency is a protocol created on a Blockchain, which is specifically designed to improve the current Internet. The platform is by definition decentralized and wants to improve the way in which current digital entertainment industry works for both user and content maker.

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With its official cryptocurrency Tronix (TRX), this decentralized platform aims to take control of the Internet from large companies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon and give it back to the people.

                                                                       What is Tron TRX Cryptocurrency?

Tron TRX Cryptocurrency is a decentralized blockchain protocol that aims to form a free worldwide content distribution and entertainment network. Tron wants users to be able to publish, store and own content in an entirely autonomous way using its blockchain. The user can decide for himself how and when his content is available and in what form. This creates a decentralized content entertainment ecosystem.

Tron wants to establish itself as the foundation for a new internet protocol. Data will be stored in fragments distributed throughout the Tron TRX Cryptocurrency network. This will then be delivered by miners. In other words, a decentralized internet!

This new internet will be able to maintain itself because everyone can lend a bit of his own storage from his computer, tablet or mobile phone for Tron TRX Cryptocurrency. Then the same TRX can be used to view content from the network itself. This means that content creators know not only that their creation is kept safe, but also that they are paid fairly for all consumers who use it.

                                                              Tron TRX Cryptocurrency long development

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Making a new decentralized internet takes a lot of time. Normally it is built with the current infrastructure of the internet. Tron TRX wants to create its own infrastructure (the technical term is to create a new HTTP protocol). That is why the team behind Tron TRX Cryptocurrency decided to tackle the process in parts for a period of 8 to 10 years.

                                                                                       Tron 20 tokens

The current Tronix (= TRX) is built using Ethereum and is an Ethereum token. However, Tron TRX wants to distance himself from Ethereum and form his own protocol. In other words, Tron wants to create his own Tron 20 token in the future. Tron 20 will give users the option to make their own token, just like Tron did at Ethereum.

In addition, Tron TRX Cryptocurrency wants to reward people in the future for the long-term preservation of TRX, with the help of Tron Power. TP (= Tron Power) is a token that will reward the network users in keeping TRX Coin in their wallet. Like rewards from GAS at NEO, TRX Coins will reward TP users. TP will be used to prioritize content or even be used as voting rights within the network.

                                                                                     PHASE 1: EXODUS

In the Exodus, Tron TRX focuses on the creation of a file distribution system. The goal is to create a system that allows users to store and distribute files. We want to make it clear that in this step Tron still does nothing with blockchain technology, but wants to implement that in the coming steps.

                                                                                    PHASE 2: ODYSSEY

In the Odyssey phase, Tron TRX Cryptocurrency will create the infrastructure (a PoS model) for the reward of the content makers. As we have recently seen in the YouTube advertising policy, the current model is not nice for both users and content creators.

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Tron TRX believes that a remuneration model based on clicks and views is not scalable or fair, given that these values can easily be misled. That is why Tron wants to create a tip system. Tipping and reward will both be done with Tronix. That means that in addition to the normal model of TRX earning, there is also a method to buy Tron TRX Cryptocurrency directly.

                                                                               PHASE 3: GREAT VOYAGE

In the third phase, Tron TRX wants to focus on what they themselves call "individual ICOs". In other words, a personal kickstart option within the network! Tron TRX Cryptocurrency wants content creators themselves to be able to set up their own ICO within the TRON network.

These ICOs open many doors for content creators. This offers them a better way to follow their fanbase and also makes it easier and easier to pay dividends.

                                                                                     PHASE 4: APOLLO

The TRX Coin is currently in the Apollo phase and Tron TRX Cryptocurrency is busy with the creation of their blockchain application platform. In other words, in this phase, Tron 20 tokens are only created. If it were, it will be identical in functionality with NEO.

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Tron TRX Cryptocurrency users can create their own personal cryptos using the Tron 20 chain. Tron 20 holders are rewarded with Tron Power in the long term to carry out actions within the network.

What happens to your old TRX tokens when Tron 20 comes out? You get a 1: 1 swap of your old coins for the new coins.

                                                                               PHASE 5: STARTING RACK

Tron TRX Cryptocurrency - In the last two phases, Tron will focus more on the Game and Market prediction sector. Tron's platform makes it possible to build an online game platform that is decentralized. You can think of something like Steam but without a business like Valve.

                                                                                    PHASE 6: ETERNITY

In this very last phase, Tron TRX Cryptocurrency wants to continue to implement the same features that they have created for content creators, but now for game developers. In other words, the option to start crowdfunding projects within the Tron TRX Cryptocurrency network for the development of games. Easily access the game platform and even provide a link for investors to invest in games!

                                                                                      A fairer internet

In the past year, it has become clear that the online world is ready for a big change. After the elections in 2016, accusations of the influence of social media came quickly on the votes. Tron TRX Cryptocurrency - A survey was carried out and it soon became clear that companies (and therefore also countries) are currently abusing the internet. This meant that the information of the users was unconsciously used for negative purposes.

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The current problem with the internet is that virtually everything is hosted or managed by large data centers such as Facebook, Google or Dropbox. We users regularly use our service with the underlying idea that they are free. What is now becoming clear is that this "free" service is not at all free. In principle, we pay with our personal information, which we unconsciously share with these companies. This information is then resold.

Blockchain technology offers an alternative to the current methodology that we are used to, namely an internet without large company’s intermediaries! That is what Tron TRX Cryptocurrency wants to do for each other.

                                                                           Buy Tron TRX Cryptocurrency

There is currently no way to buy Tron TRX Cryptocurrency (= TRX) directly. So the only way to buy TRX is to purchase BTC and use it on a trading platform, to switch it to TRX.

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                                                                    STEP 1: GO TO A TRADING PLATFORM

First, you have to go to a cryptocurrency trading platform to create an account. The choice of platform is not very important as a beginner and lies mainly on which platform you prefer working in terms of interface.

                                                    Choose one of these platforms and complete the steps:

                                                                                          Binance Bit-z

                                                           Go to Binance and create a new account there.

Once your account has been confirmed, login to your Binance account and click on Funds at the top right, then Deposits.

                                                                         Make a copy of your BTC address

Look in the BTC-Bitcoin list (if it is selected by default).

Next, you have to copy the series of numbers and letters under BTC Deposit Address field. We need this Bitcoin address for the next step.

                                                                                       STEP 2: BUY BTC

                       The second step is to get your Bitcoin. You can do this with a broker such as BTCdirect.

              If you buy BTC from this broker for the first time, you will be asked to confirm your bank account.

                                   We recommend using this Dutch broker because you can pay with iDEAL.

                                                          Image result for Tron TRX Cryptocurrency

Upon payment, you will be asked to enter a bitcoin address where you have to go Bitcoins. You must fill in the address that you have copied at the trading platform in the previous step.

                                                              STEP 3: WAIT UNTIL YOUR BTC HAS ARRIVED

Once you have purchased Bitcoin and entered the correct BTC deposit address with the payment, you have to wait until the BTC arrives at the wallet of the trading platform in step 1.

This process can take 1 to 2 hours, so do not worry if it is not immediately visible on the exchange.

                                                                                       STEP 4: BUY TRX

Once your Bitcoin has arrived at the trading platform you have chosen, it is now time to use your Bitcoins to buy Tron TRX Cryptocurrency.

                                                              Image result for Tron TRX Cryptocurrency

                                                                                          Binance Bit-z

Go inside the Binance homepage and use the search function within BTC Markets to find the TRX / BTC trade.

Once on the TRX / BTC trade page, you can indicate in the left box marked with Buy Tron TRX Cryptocurrency how much TRX you want to buy.

If you then click on Buy Tron TRX Cryptocurrency, your order will be placed. When the order is filled you will see your number of TRXs in the right-hand box or on your balance page.

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